Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate Biokineticists with a wide range of skills, experience and a keen interest in exercise medicine. Find out more about us and feel free to get in contact should you have any specific questions. We look forward to working with you.

Dwain Swiegers

Owner and Head Biokineticist

Dwain is the entrepreneurial mind behind SA Biokineticists. His vast knowledge in the field of holistic health and exercise medicine as well as his experience as a Biokineticists make him the go to for our difficult and complicated cases. After all, who doesn’t love a challenge?

Nicole Forman

Owner and Head Biokineticist

Nicole is the ever reliable, organisational mind behind SA Biokineticist and the head of our internship program. Her love for exercise medicine and passion as a researcher ensures her work will always be of the highest (and latest) standard. Nicole’s work with post-operative rehabilitation as well as pregnant women showcases her abilities to go over and above in her clinical practice making her an obvious choice in those special populations.

Nic Acampora

Owner and Head Biokineticist

Nic’s role at SA Biokineticists focuses on professional development of our Bio’s ensuring we provide the highest service to our patients at all times. This charismatic individual is the ideal choice for the injured athlete , novice or elite, as well as those looking to take the next step forward in performance.

Sarah Glover

Owner and Head Biokineticist

Sarah is the mother hen of SA Biokineticists. Working primarily with elderly and chronic conditions, Sarah approaches her patients with care compassion and love. Using her extensive knowledge of Pilates based movements, her specialised rehab programs focus on improving functional movement in those who need extra attention.

Michael Van Tonder

Senior Biokineticists

Mike is the CrossFit and fucntional movement specialist at SA Biokineticists. Practicing out of his CrossFit box in Salt rock, he is the ideal choice for any forward thinking athlete or CrossFit newbie wanting to learn from the best in a safe and knowledgeable environment. An elite athlete himself, Mike knows first hand how much time, hard work and sacrifice goes into performing your best.

Marizelle Eggers

Senior Biokineticists

Marizelle is the chronic disease specialist at SA Biokineticists. Operating inside Zimbali Estate in Ballito, she offers a variety of exercise classes such as aqua aerobics, Pilates and flexibility focused workouts. She has a passion for holistic and natural approaches to health and wellness fully embodying these beliefs in her everyday practice and personal life.

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